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Favoritest Girl

You're my favoritest girl,

In all of the world,

I'd run a mile for your smile,

I wish we had a child.


Then everyday I,

I wish that you would stay the same,

Your eyes light up the day,

You could have all the fame,

My hearts set out for you,

I will always be true.


You're my favoritest girl,

In all of the world,

I've spent all my time,

Just wishin you were mine.


--Robert Garza

This poem really touched me in a way I cannot describe. Thank you Bobby.

"Draft of a Love Letter"

He makes me feel so small.

He makes me feel so small (petite) and precious

(like a pearl)

like I'm something to be cherished.
He makes me feel treasured

because he treasures me so much
He makes me feel thin
and beautiful

the most beautiful thing in the world

I'm never fat when I'm with him
he makes me lovely

in this skin (this skin he loves so much)

He makes it all go away when he
me so softly
like I'm something delicate (so fragile, so rare) to him.
He makes me feel loved
and for that, I love him

(so very much darling).


Secrets I Cannot Bear

Secrets I cannot bear,

My emotions overwhelming,

I can't believe how I care,

That my feelings aren't for sharing,

A secret I shall keep,

Simply because I promised you,

No longer will I weep,

Time flies when it's just us two,

You say you're a loser,

But all the girls ask

"Why'd he choose her?"

I'm glad you did,

The rest is past.

"Your voice it soothes me,"

That's what you said,

But you cannot see,

When you do,

I turn so red.

I've never blushed so much in my life,

Or felt so whole,

To most it may seem trite,

But your laughter soothes my soul,

There is no one I can tell,

Without causing trouble for you,

But I guess it's just as well,
because I hate to share,

I do.

Thank you so much for it all,

That's all I wanted to say,

And I can't wait for your call,

When I get home today.

--Linda Kelley