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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

Here are the first few people I thought of...Of course there are more, I just havent put them yet..If you dont see you here,

AKA Ally-sone....
I love you so much Gurlie! You showed me tripod and xanga and pretty much everything else...Especially that History could be fun when there's someone to share the boredom with. I cant wait to see you again...By the way....Do you realize that you are very, very observant?.....Frighteningly so......!

You better take care of my baby Ally, Ashley. I love her better than a sister and if you hurt her, I'll be very angry. I love you my kinda-sorta-not-really future-sister-in-law!

IM's and e-mails dont do you justice...I cant believe you got me to go to church....That is crazy!I'm so happy that you're not leaving....That is so great!...I cant wait until I can see you....Thank you for teaching me so many things about...well, things.....I am so lucky to know you!

Here's Bobby's site

Matthew K.

AKA Matty...I love you Matty more than you know. I owe you so much of my web still cant believe you're leaving for Cali in less than a month..I will miss you so much!....I love you and I will never ever forget you!

Here's Matty's site


Hey Mommies! I love you like a sister Gurlie. You have given me so much insperation in this last year. I love having you  to talk to and give me the insight that I need in order to make it in a girls world. Thanks for the...uh....."tip." I hope everything works out okay for you.


AKA George.....I loved you gurly from the first time I sat next to you in English class all those years ago.....Okay so it was like two years, but whatever...Fact of the matter is I love you and I thank you for making school so awsome for me...And for introducing me to my son (Nati). Also, thanks for being my sister girl that I could always count on for love and support. I owe you my first born child (good luck at getting it out of my arms you psycho! haha...juat playing!) and my life....You saved me from taking it [my life] so many times I cant even count them......I love you gurlie and I wish you the best of luck in all your affairs......Live to Dance, Gurlie...Dance to Live.....